Re-Place’s Participatory Approach and Visual Methodology

At Re-Place, we embrace a participatory methodology throughout our entire process. One crucial tool in this endeavor is the curation of visual data within our 12 selected case study areas. As a large consortium, our goal is to produce data that is not only comparable and exploitable but also challenges the often problematic representations of mobilities and of non-metropolitan regions in the mainstream media.

To facilitate this, we developed a comprehensive visual methodology guide. This guide was formally presented during our event in Riga on 19 April 2024. The guidelines were followed by a hands-on workshop: the University of Latvia became the canvas of a very short visual research exercise, where we attempted to unveil how the University supports well-being, has a place identity, and fosters a welcoming environment for outsiders.

As part of this workshop, we collected short videos. These videos were then edited into a brief teaser—a modest yet significant milestone in our collective journey toward effective visual curation.