Riabitare l’Italia’ joins the Sapienza Re-Place team

In January 2024, the Board of Directors of the ‘Riabitare l’Italia’ Association accepted the invitation sent by Sapienza University to join the Horizon Europe Re-Place Project as an End User.

The multidisciplinary group of researchers, academics, policy makers and operators gathered around the ‘Riabitare l’Italia’ project, exactly like the Re-Place team, believes that it is necessary to undertake a cultural and political challenge. A challenge based on the knowledge of the country’s structural complexity and on the need to raise public awareness of the environmental, economic and cultural value of polycentrism.

One of the main goals of ‘Riabitare l’Italia’, in full synergy with the Re-Place project, is in fact the identification of the places where inequalities and hardships are most concentrated, in order to study together with citizens and opinion leaders’ strategies to restore their dignity and desirability, a precondition for regaining a heritage of inhabitants as well.

Sure of a fruitful collaboration, Barbara Staniscia, Principal Investigator of the Italian Re-Place team, and Sabrina Lucatelli, Director of ‘Riabitare l’Italia’, are therefore committed to support the common objective of relaunching the left behind areas of the country through:

  • The interaction between the members of the Italian Re-Place research group and the representatives of the ‘Riabitare l’Italia’ Association for the understanding of the territorial contexts studied and the proposal of innovative public policies;
  • The exchange of information regarding the scientific results of the Re-Place project and the activities conducted by the ‘Riabitare l’Italia’ Association.